Friederike Freifrau von Mirbach
Communication for the Best.

Rhetoric coaching for individuals in public.
Impact. Performance.

Developing your language prowess is my expertise and passion.

With every single word, individuals at the top of organizations change the world. What they say, how they say it, is pure influence. A highly complex process that I explore in all its facets.

I advise individual personalities and top teams navigating the public sphere, conducting interviews, participating in panels—whether in the media or in-person on stage—delivering keynotes, or convincing in meetings, committees, town halls, and negotiations. I prepare teams, such as executive boards, supervisory boards, or management, individually and/or collectively, for all potential challenges in upcoming critical situations. They are all always heard with their own words, their own language and seen with their own gestures and attitude. Everything is important.

My expertise lies in the top league—the top management. Here, individuals strive and must convince with their significant missions, always improving and leaving a lasting impact. They reach for the greatest goals, needing powerful words that resonate deeply. They want to win others over, and they are in the right place with me.

With me, you will exclusively learn how to convince, win people, and become better and better.

As a top manager, thought leader, association president or leading politician, you want to win other people over to your cause and the goals of your organization. The entire performance must be finely tuned to ensure that your original message is unmistakable and that your reputation flourishes. Every detail matters: content, rhythm, voice, choice of words, text design, tonality, presentation, body language, posture, intellectuality, emotion, data/knowledge and charisma as a personality.

Together, in an intensive, exclusive, and discreet one-on-one consultation, we analyze and optimize your overall impact. The aim is to ensure that your mindset, personality, words, and appearance are in perfect alignment.

I curate every aspect of your presence and speeches: words, body language, posture, intellectuality, emotion, data/knowledge, personality, and content.

This conviction-congruence you will personally train with me. I will refine your challenging, groundbreaking presentations and speeches, ensuring they resonate with the essence of your content and personality, while simultaneously engaging and moving the audience—whether in intimate gatherings, live in front of thousands, or in the media.

In a preliminary discussion, we’ll determine the most effective way to collaborate, ensuring you derive optimal benefits from our partnership.

The collective performance requires collective preparation.

When everyone is a star, they become a star ensemble. At press conferences, general meetings, party conferences, M&A initiations, consultancy pitches and negotiations at investor relations events and top management meetings, the team’s overall impression determines success.

The more distinctive and outstanding each individual personality is, the more vibrant and powerful the team can appear when the members are congruent not only for themselves but also as a unified team. Convincing both uniformly and individually at the same time requires detailed preparation of content, individual gestures and overall physical movement (in face-to-face events). Each person needs powerful words for their own agendas, acknowledgments of the importance of other team members, and expressions of appreciation for the team as a whole.

I develop your natural overall effect as a star ensemble and design the entire performance based on my expertise as a communication scientist, actress and top league insider.

Talk to me about what your setting should look like.

Companies need more than just a good speaker.

You promote the rhetorical and communication skills of the best in the company through a top-class, effective in-house seminar offering in your management development program. This allows different managers to train together in what they need, whether online or face-to-face presentations, speeches or moderations, media skills or stage performance. Those who are expressive are seen, heard and develop influence. In the seminar, your participants will learn how to effectively express their inner certainty of success so that their messages are perceived cognitively and emotionally. Active persuasion includes active listening as part of exerting influence, which we also focus on in my consulting services.

Every company needs exactly the precisely tailored/ learning setting to ensure that the communication of the best succeeds. We identify this together.

For seminar providers: Which format fits into your program?

I regularly offer various formats for the ZfU Zentrum für Unternehmensführung, other seminar providers and business schools.

ZfU, Zentrum für Unternehmungsführung AG – Performance Booster, Schweiz
ZfU, Zentrum für Unternehmungsführung AG – Auftritt mit Wirkung für Frauen, Schweiz

Let’s collaborate to determine which seminar would promise success in your program.

When you know your public impact, you can also control it.

Today, even the expectation of a short video link or greeting message is characterized by highly professional standards. The demands on communicative effectiveness in interviews, podcasts, video conferences and talk shows are increasing. Cameras and microphones amplify every doubt, every hesitation or mask your passion. Whether this is seen as a failure or as reflective thinking is up to you. You determine how you are seen, not by wanting to be seen in a certain way or reflecting on it, but by preparing yourself with my professional training.

You cannot always prepare yourself precisely for a particular question or situation, which is why a communicative mindset is so important. You learn to control your impact and determine how you are seen at any given moment.

If you know what is important in media communication, you can also master spontaneous, high-profile statements confidently and confidently. You will learn this self-assured communicative mastery from me in a suitable setting, with the technique you need.